Sustainability Corner – Electric car charging

By George Hunter

Riderwood Resident

Riderwood Village has installed a brand-new ChargePoint Charging Station for Electric Vehicles (EV’s), located between the Chapel and Village Square.  

The photo included with this article shows David and Becky Nation charging their two EV’s on the day the charger became operational, last month.  David has been a years-long advocate for electric chargers on our campus, and we thank him, Mickey Thaxton and Kevin Wilson for their perseverance on this project.

Hybrid and All-Electric Vehicles can now charge up their batteries right here on campus.  They can use one of the two charging cables to reach the different locations of charging ports on different vehicles.  Each cable can deliver about 6 kilowatts of electric power at the same time, at a price of 25c for each kilowatt-hour of energy.  The fee is paid by credit card, ApplePay or Google, but first an account with ChargePoint needs to be set up.  Call 888-758-4389 for help or just go to to

And, because electric motors have efficiencies of almost 90%, they produce far less CO2 greenhouse gas, even when the electricity is produced from fossil fuels!  Gasoline engines have almost doubled their efficiency in the last 30 years, to just over 15%, but that is not in the same league as an electric motor.  Plus, electric motors have full torque (the rotational force that produces acceleration) at ZERO rotations per minute (rpm).  Gasoline engines require about 6000 rpm and lots of gear-shifting to get to their peak torque.

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