Stand Up – Stand With – Stand Together A Panel Discussion on Intentional Inclusion

By Bette Martin

Member, Diversity and Inclusion Committee

How do I encourage people to come to the panel discussion that will close our month of  Stand Up – Stand With – Stand Together activities on intentional inclusion when I can’t yet tell them who the panelists will be?  You’re reading this in the first days of December, but I’m writing it on November 12, the Reporter deadline. I believe you have many reasons to come.

You’ll come because you’ve attended engaging and informative programs sponsored by the CommUNITY Living Committee, the Diversity and Inclusion Committee and the Resident Advisory Council.  You came to the Breaking Barriers series that touched on many issues of inclusion.  You came to the presentations on civility, an ongoing campus-wide initiative.  You came to the forum on CCRC finances.  This panel is sponsored by all three groups and the Riderwood administration.

You’ll come because the moderator is Rabbi Stan Levin, who is known for his ability to lead thoughtful, insightful and interesting discussions.   Perhaps you’ll come because 

by now you’ve seen the names of the panelists and have noticed that they represent different disciplines.  We’ll learn about intentional inclusion from their different perspectives.

You’ll come because the “Stand Up…” program has focused our collective attention on how critical it is for us to support each other.  We’ve learned that some residents and some staff members have faced uncomfortable and hurtful exchanges.  Their stories became the basis for the facilitated discussions where we learned how we can stand up when a similar situation compels our conscience.

I hope you’ll join us on Thursday, December 13 at 11:00 in Maryland Hall for this timely panel discussion.

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