Resident uses daily walking to maintain excellent health

By Elaine Hauptman

Resident Writer

Walking is a gentle, controlled form of exercise that promotes weight maintenance, enhances mood, promotes better heart health, keeps blood pressure in check, reduces the risk of diabetes, and controls hypertension. 

Because of the repetitive motions of walking, it promotes better brain process, thoughts, and memories. Endorphins are released when you walk. This causes a “runner’s or walker’s high” and can create euphoria. It can be the brain’s own marijuana. This mild exercise can relieve depression, anxiety, and stress. Just thirty minutes per day can lead to significant benefits. Longevity is one major goal. 

Elaine Cambosos, a resident of Riderwood, follows the advice of her medical experts. A former attorney in Washington, D.C., Elaine’s goal is to walk ten miles each day. She stated that her blood pressure numbers have decreased, her blood sugar has returned to normal level, her good cholesterol is very high, and she has also lost weight. 

This healthy resident does not fret about pace. She never resorts to a treadmill or running because her knees would not allow it. She treasures her Fitbit and the enormous number it records on a daily basis. 

Each morning at 7:30 a.m., Elaine walks 15,000 steps. She changes her route daily. If the weather is inclement, she walks indoors, goes up and down stairwells, and roams long hallways. When she is able to walk outdoors, she loves the area around the ponds, wandering around the pool area and each of the clubhouses, and relishes the times she has encountered deer, fox, and beautiful birds. She tries to avoid the raccoons, who often try to befriend her in the early hours of the morning. 

When she has completed her morning loop, Elaine then stretches and lifts weights. She has a wonderful morning walking mate, Leah Woodson, who was an avid walker before her move to Riderwood. 

In addition to walking, Elaine is a frequent visitor and volunteer at Arbor Ridge. She has also attended some RAC committee meetings and eats “healthy” each night. Salads with a “protein” is a favorite meal, and she indulges in sorbet every day to satisfy her sweet tooth. 

Most certainly, Elaine “cheats” when visiting with friends. She adores the bread at the Cheesecake Factory and relishes the cornbread at Copper Canyon Grill. But she never feels guilty since she is so dedicated to her walking schedule. 

Elaine loves cats. This graduate of Howard University Law School has four cats and  each is very attached to her. One is a senior cat, age 14. Elaine is an avid reader of mysteries, especially mysteries that involve cats. Purple is her very favorite color. She takes no medication and relies solely on her exercise to keep her healthy and active. This dynamic lady selected Riderwood because of its vast campus, and she happily dashes through the hallways with a huge smile on her face.

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