On Board with Pat Davis

By Pat Davis

Director in Residence, Riderwood Board of Directors

New Riderwood residents have trouble getting used to not tipping. After being served a meal or driven to the airport or having a repair in your apartment, it’s almost a reflex to reach for your wallet. It takes time to remember that Riderwood has a strict no-tipping policy. The rule  prevents favoritism and assures that employees we rarely see – security personnel on duty at night, laundry workers, finance staff, dishwashers, and others – receive a gift from the Staff Appreciation Fund as do employees we encounter every day. I hope you have already contributed generously to this once annual opportunity to express our gratitude for the hard work done for residents every single day.

As Riderwood’s resident member on our Board of Directors I am fortunate to have a chance to voice our appreciation directly. Every month “All Staff” meetings are held throughout one day, starting at 7 AM and ending at 1 AM the following morning. This schedule permits every worker to attend a gathering at some point during his or her shift. I am invited to attend the combined November-December meetings, and it’s a highlight of the holiday season for me. In addition to the usual announcements and sharing, the All Staff meetings are celebrations complete with raffles for very special prizes. Having been here for over 12 years, I know well many employees and am deeply grateful for the opportunity to express our thanks and wish them a joyous holiday and a blessed new year.

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