Deaf vs. deaf- A correction

By Chris Taydus

Manager, Riderwood TV

In last month’s issue of the Riderwood Reporter, the staff accidentally edited an article about resident Susan Walker and her friendships with several Deaf residents at Riderwood. The word Deaf should have been capitalized in that article. The Riderwood Reporter apologizes for the mistake. Here is a brief explanation from Susan herself explaining the difference between Deaf and deaf:

The difference between “capital-D Deaf” and “small-d deaf” has to do with identity. Those who use capital-D Deaf identify as a cultural and linguistic group rather than as persons who have a hearing loss. These are the folks with whom Susan has become friends. They identify with those who use American Sign Language (or other signed languages) as their primary form of communication. For most Deaf folks, then, sign language is their native language, and any written language would be their “second language.”

Again, the staff of the Riderwood Reporter apologizes for the mistake and thanks Susan Walker for educating us on this important difference. 

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