All about the Continuing Education Committee

By Fran Patch and Nancy Pawliger

Co-Chairs, Continuing Education Committee

Have you ever taken a SAGE course? Do you know who we are? The Continuing Education Committee (CEC) helps to facilitate the SAGE (Seasoned Adults Growing Educationally) program, a part of Prince George’s Community College (PGCC) extension outreach. The committee is made up of twelve residents plus two hardworking members of the Riderwood Community Resources staff. Members serve two-year terms with the option for renewal for two additional years. Meetings are held once a month. 

We hope to offer an education program for Riderwood residents that is intellectually and personally enriching and varied in content and levels of presentation.  SAGE classes offered in conjunction with PGCC make up the largest part of the program, but additional special lectures enhance the offerings.  

Working with PGCC and Riderwood Community Resources staff, CEC members interview, approve, and evaluate instructors; review and evaluate all course proposals, and ensure that the concerns of residents are heard and are acted upon as necessary.  Before and during PGCC registration, members also coordinate computer support for residents to obtain PGCC logon IDs and passwords and to complete course registrations.

In addition, the CEC sponsors lectures, often in co-sponsorship with other Riderwood committees, on topics of importance to residents. These include presentations by outside speakers as well as by residents who have expertise in particular topics.

Members of the committee and their subcommittee designations are Fran Patch and Nancy Pawliger (Co-chairs); Bob Frank, Vicky Harden, Irma Sheon (Evaluations), Trudy Downs (Computer Projects, Chair Emerita), Judie Bor, Mina Wuchenich (Secretary), Carol Bennett (Opportunity Fair and Showcase), Terry Dowd, Bruce Donaldson, Jill  Shindelman, and Lynn Curry (Publicity). We value your comments on the program and hope that you will take the time to let one of us know your interests and concerns.

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