What It’s Like – Community TV Production

Courtney Coombs (left) and Avedis Aghguiguian direct a live show in the TV Studio located in Lakeside Commons. The TV Studio produces approximately 75 new programs each month. (Photo by Chris Taydus)

By Corrinne Lennox
Resident Writer

“The primary focus of my job,” says Courtney Coombs, Riderwood TV Production Coordinator, “is the Riderwood community.” To that end, Courtney and Avedis Aghguiguian, the other TV Production Coordinator, work with TV Station Manager Chris Taydus to produce community and community-related features that both inform and entertain residents.

Under the supervision of Chris Taydus, the staff shoots live Riderwood TV shows providing departmental updates of community activities to include those regarding General Services, dining rooms, Philanthropy, Physical Therapy and Arbor Ridge. “We shoot virtually any live event that takes place in Riderwood,” says Coombs, “lectures, town halls and a variety of interviews, as long as we feel it will be of interest to residents.”

The TV staff also produces original projects. “Chris is really good about letting us come up with our own project ideas. As long as we have the time and means, our ideas are usually produced,” says Courtney.

At present, the production staff is working on a series of special projects about nearby locations where historically significant events have taken place.

First in this series was a show about the Surratt House, located 45 minutes from here in Clinton, MD.  Produced on Riderwood TV in July 2018, the project concerns both the house and its owner, Mrs. Surratt. She was the first woman ever executed by the Federal Government due to her involvement in the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln. The assassin, John Wilkes Booth, had visited that house shortly after the fatal shooting.

A second project in the series will be airing soon. It is about radio waves emitted by the planet Jupiter.  The phenomenon was discovered in 1955, by scientists while working in a field in Seneca, MD. Their discovery is still used by planetary scientists to learn about Jupiter. For this project, the production staff interviewed scientists at the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, MD.

Courtney thinks that she and her two colleagues form an ideal collaboration. “We all get along,” she says.  “We all come up with new project ideas, and we all help each other out with the goal of producing quality pieces for our TV audience.”

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