Three sisters retire together at Riderwood


By Almeda Girod
Resident Writer

As the four Brown sisters lived their childhood in Asheville, North Carolina there was no thought that one day the three surviving sisters would live at Riderwood.

Angela Miotto, Beverly Hawkins, and Patricia Rogers grew up on a cul-de-sac (then known as a circle) where they rode bicycles and played “kick the can” with neighborhood children. Their father was a chemist and later Director of Safety at American Enka Corporation. “Daddy,” an exceptional athlete, taught his girls tennis and swimming at the Enka Lake Club which the family frequented in the summer. Angela and Patricia credit Beverly as being a natural athlete who excelled in diving and tennis. Their parents had a reverence and respect for the nearby mountains where the family hiked and had picnics.


Janet, who died in 2006, had a mischievous sense of humor that the surviving sisters love and mimic.

Their mother was known as Buddley, a nickname Angela gave her when she had difficulty saying mother. Buddley worked full time, allowing the girls to have an education at a private Catholic school. Beverly comments that she now has a more profound love and appreciation for their mother, who lived a faith-filled life of goodness and generosity into her 90s at nearby Charlestown retirement community.

Buddley, a progressive thinker, encouraged the girls to attend college. Angela graduated from Woman’s College of UNC in Greensboro, NC, moving to DC to work for the CIA.  Beverly followed, attending Dumbarton College in DC, becoming a teacher of French and English. Patricia worked for the federal government after graduating from Marywood College in Scranton, Pa. The sisters married and lived with their families —— Angela with five children, Beverly with one, and Patricia with six — in suburban Maryland.

Buddley often said, “Girls, the greatest gift that you can give to me is to love each other.” It is natural that the sisters have become best friends, supporting each other through good and tough times, and now have sought to live in the same community. Patricia and her husband, John, moved to Town Center in 2007 (John died in 2012) with Beverly and husband, Don, following in 2009 and Angela in 2014.

Don is known as the “honorary sister” who lends moral support and fun for the “sister gang.”

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