From the Resident Advisory Council – November 2018

By Dick Dowd
Liaison to Resident Concerns & Secretary, RAC

I am Dick Dowd, a member of the Riderwood Resident Advisory Council (RAC). I serve as secretary and liaison for resident concerns.

One of my responsibilities on the RAC involves the “resident concern forms” that residents submit to the RAC for resolution. The forms are a very important tool that is available for you to let us know when something is not going as well as you think it should, or if there is a particular problem that you believe needs attention. The RAC receives nearly 100 concern forms each year. Each form is given to the RAC member who is responsible for the liaison with the appropriate department, and that member contacts the resident. Your concerns are very important, and we pay careful attention to them. Ask the front desk for the location of the forms and the RAC boxes for depositing them.

I also serve as the RAC liaison to the newly constituted Riderwood Sustainability Committee (a joint resident-staff committee). This effort is designed to help the Riderwood community become more active in sustainability activities that improve and enhance the environment and have an impact locally, regionally and globally. Look for the column about this sustainability group in each Reporter.

I also serve as secretary of the RAC and am a member of the executive committee. Look for the minutes of the meetings in notebooks in each community. Contact me at if you would like to receive them by email.

The RAC will have an election of new members in February. I hope some of you will consider becoming a candidate. We will be putting letter in your cubby soon for you to nominate yourself or another to run for the RAC or to serve on one of our committees.

Finally, this is the time of the year when we secure contributions for the Staff Appreciation Fund. This fund is used to contribute to staff members who may have done something especially nice for your family or yourself. We do not give tips, so this serves as a replacement for tips. Remember to support the Staff Appreciation Fund.


If residents are late with their contractual monthly payments, what is the procedure?

Riderwood relies on the timely payment of monthly charges by all residents. To this end, a courtesy letter informing you that Riderwood didn’t receive payment is sent the month following such an occurrence. If the resident’s account remains in arrears in the following month then 1 ½% interest will be assessed on the outstanding balance, and will continue until the account is paid in full. Residents are encouraged to call the Finance Office at (301) 628-3699 should further assistance or resolution be required. Additionally, we encourage all residents to enroll in the automatic payment plan to avoid payment delays, and save you from drafting a check every month.

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