Frequently Asked Questions about Riderwood Connect internet service

By Shanna Gordon
Operations Associate

For many of us, connectivity to Internet services is an integral part of our daily lives. Beyond just computing, our phones, smart TVs, and even certain specialized watches (like the Apple Watch) are all hooked up to global networks for a variety of tasks. Every resident at Riderwood is offered wi-fi internet service through Riderwood Connect as part of their monthly service plan. In light of this, we hope to answer some questions on the specifics of Connect.

What is Connect? Connect is internet (wi-fi) and phone service. Connect is a program offered only through Erickson Living to its residents. This makes Erickson Living your phone and Internet provider.

What uses Connect? Many devices you might have at home would be able to use wi-fi provided by Connect. Desktops and laptops need wi-fi for most of their functions. Other devices like phones and tablets can use wi-fi as an alternative to your cellular plan to use browsers and application functions. If you have a smart TV, certain applications and streaming services would need wi-fi as well. These services include Netflix, Amazon Video, YouTube, and others. However, regular television, where you might view live programming or on-demand shows, does not need wi-fi as it is provided through the cable service.

Where can I use Connect? Connect is a useful tool around Riderwood as it allows you to access wi-fi inside any building of the campus. You only have to log in once to the network and your device should remember the credentials every time you step onto campus, regardless of your location. If you for some reason need to reset the connection on your device, you will have to log back in again on the network, so writing down your password is highly recommended.

I am having issues with wi-fi service- Who do I call? Service for Connect is provided directly from Erickson Living, and their help desk will be able to help you. The number for their help desk is 1-800-677-0211. They can help with any wi-fi, internet, or phone-related issue you may be having, such as slow speeds, dropped connections, weak signals and anything else you might experience. If any of this happens, we recommend calling right away and give as detailed a description of the problem as you can to help desk personnel.

Questions of your own? Our partner at corporate, Hans Keller, Chief Information Officer for Erickson Living, will be visiting Riderwood on November 28.  We will have boxes at each front desk with a questionnaire regarding Riderwood Connect prior to his arrival to prepare questions to ask him about Connect. He will also be holding a Town Hall at Riderwood that day that we invite all to attend as well.  Details will be forthcoming on time and place, so keep an eye out for flyers.

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