Tuesday Bible Study has long history at RWV

By Almeda Girod
Resident Writer

Shortly after Riderwood opened, Ed Herndon organized what is now known as the Tuesday Bible Class. Though a Catholic himself, he had envisioned a group of interested people from any religious background to be able to study the Bible together. David and Mae Dillon currently lead the study. Others who have led the group come from a variety of backgrounds. They include Adele Hutchins, Holly Slaugh, Paul Buck, Dorothy Stephens, Bill Peacock, Joyce Finzel, Arnie Ensfield, and Millie Trimble.

David and Mae moved to Riderwood in 2012 after living in Derwood, Md. (near Shady Grove Metro) for 42 years. Mae was a guidance counselor at Einstein and Seneca Valley High Schools. David, a mechanical engineer, designed marine cable systems for a government contractor. He met Mae when her brother, David’s classmate at the University of Rochester, invited him to dinner at their parents’ home. Mae, then a high school student, later attended the University. She and David have four children and five foster children.

The couple decided to move to Riderwood since they wanted to give each other the security of a safe environment. David’s parents were advocates for continuing care facilities sponsored through the Lutheran Church. Mae’s elderly parents lived with the Dillons and may have missed that opportunity.

The Bible study has an average attendance of about 30. Books of the Bible, Bible characters, and Biblical themes have been used over the years. Every spring, participants help develop the fall curriculum.

David and Mae thank Amy Hahn, Lead Community Resources Lead Coordinator, and Mike Frimpong, Audio/Visual Technician, who have expanded the audio/visual equipment to simultaneously project on the screen and display on the large TV.

The Tuesday Bible class meets from September through June at 10:30 a.m. Tuesdays in the Village Square card room. All are welcome! For more information, call David or Mae at
301-906-1889 or email dilldb10@gmail.com.

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