All hands on deck for Staff Appreciation Fund this fall!

By Nancy Ferrant
Member, Staff Appreciation Fund Committee

How many times have you heard people say when they are new to Riderwood:

“This is just like being on a cruise ship.” Except on a cruise ship you are expected to leave a tip or gratuity for each service you receive, even if it is placed in an attractive envelope the day you are leaving or the day you arrive.

Riderwood does not allow tips or gifts to any employee, so each Fall, residents contribute money to the Staff Appreciation Fund. It would be wonderful if each household contributed to show their appreciation for the staff’s efforts. Each hourly-paid employee benefits from this contribution:

• Those who prepare and serve our meals as well as the ones who do the dishes.

• The housekeeping staff who keep the areas clean and work in some of our apartments.

• The men and women who service our heat pumps, stopped sinks and other things that break down

• Those who handle our transportation needs.

We can’t forget the nurses and aides at Arbor Ridge or the ones who help us in our apartments in Independent living. There are many others behind the scenes who we may never see, but are keeping our home and grounds attractive, safe and secure. The staff is all hands on deck every day, so let residents be all hands on deck in our contributions to the Staff Appreciation Fund.

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