Science & Technology welcomes UMD’s Nathan Fox

By Pearl Katz
Committee Member, Science and Technology Lecture Series

NathanFoxThe Science and Technology Lecture Series features leading scientists discussing the latest research on a variety of topics, including biology, physics, engineering, computer sciences, chemistry, medicine, psychology, and anthropology.

On September 6, Distinguished University Professor at the University of Maryland, Nathan Fox, will talk on “The Effects of Early Separation from their Parents on the Development of Children’s Brains and Behavior.”  Dr. Fox is known for his pioneering research on the development of Romanian orphans.

The lectures take place on the first Thursday of the month at 7:30 p.m. in the Encore Theater.  Subsequent lectures will feature talks on quantum computing, hearing loss, water pollution, penguins, and nuclear reactors.

The monthly lecture series began in 2005 and has from its inception featured scientists at the top of their fields. Especially appealing is the ample time for discussion which is often very lively. We hope that many people in the Riderwood community will continue to take advantage of this unique opportunity to learn about the latest scientific developments.

In addition, The Science and Technology Committee sponsors a science-related movie on the third Thursday of each month. Many of the films were originally in the PBS Nova series, and others are BBC specials. As with the lectures, discussions follow the films.

The Science and Technology Committee consists of David Ebert, Bill Hodos, Pearl Katz, and David Nation.

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