Hladek to provide results from 2017 study

By Jackie Michels
Leader, Riderwood Health Forum

In July of last year, Melissa deCardi Hladek, Ph.D., CRNP, was busy in Riderwood Clubhouse lobbies recruiting participants for her dissertation research study at Johns Hopkins on Associations between Self-Efficacy, Psychological, and Physiological Stress Biomarkers, or in more understandable language, Relationships between Confidence in Ourselves and our Physical Wellness.

Residents over the age of 65 with loosely-defined chronic disease signed up to take part in the study. In all, there were 159 study participants, the majority coming from Riderwood. Dr. Hladek hypothesized that the psychosocial factor of self-efficacy or self-confidence may actually play a role in the biology of disease in older adults with chronic disease.

With the dissertation study now completed, Dr. Hladek has agreed to present her findings at the Riderwood Health Forum at 12:30 PM on Wednesday, September 26, in the Village Square music room. All are welcome to attend. Please note the time and date of the Health Forum is a change from the usual meeting time to accommodate Melissa’s busy clinic schedule.

Dr. Hladek graduated from Scripps College in Los Angeles with a bachelor’s degree in Neuroscience and received a second bachelor’s degree and master’s degree in Nursing from Columbia University School of Nursing in New York City. She worked as a staff nurse in neurology/neurosurgery and then became a Family Nurse Practitioner with a subspecialty in HIV/AIDS care. Dr. Hladek completed her Ph.D. studies at the Johns Hopkins School of Nursing and has earned the JHU Provost’s Postdoctoral Fellowship for her career accomplishments and potential.

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