Do you care about Arbor Ridge? You should!

By Trudy Downs
Co-Chair, Arbor Ridge Family Council

One of the reasons you probably moved here is because Riderwood is a Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC). Now is the time to see what that really means. Come experience the issues and topics that are of concern to our Assisted Living, Skilled Care and Rehab residents and their family members or caregivers. Join us at Family Council at Arbor Ridge at 7:00 p.m. on the first Wednesday of every month in the Garden Room at Arbor Ridge. Each month’s meeting features a different topic and discussion. Mark your calendar for this recurring event. All are welcome.

Family Council is open to residents at Arbor Ridge, their family, friends, partners, caregivers, and everyone in independent living. It is run by residents. It is not staff driven. Each month the Family Council presents programs educating and informing the members about issues at Arbor Ridge such as service/care plans and their medical provisions, costs, yearly budgets, feedback on Resident Satisfaction survey, hospice services at Arbor Ridge, and other issues members care to learn about.

The time to actively engage and learn all about Arbor Ridge is now while you are in good health and don’t need the services. You want to help make it the best Continuing Care available when and if you need these services. You can always visit Arbor Ridge and take a tour, but that is no substitute for really understanding the issues that impact the care our residents receive.

Your participation and ideas help all of us in the community.  Put your experience and wisdom to use and help us make sure that Assisted Living is what you want for your loved one, your neighbors and your own care if the need arises.

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