Your opinion matters with the 2018 Resident Satisfaction Survey

Feedback vector conceptBy Mickey Thaxton
Associate Executive Director

Our annual resident satisfaction survey opens Monday, September 17, and will remain open through Friday, October 19. Similar to last year, there are two ways to submit your responses – by using the envelope provided with the survey delivered to your cubby, or by going online to the address on the survey’s cover letter. Some of the highlights of this year’s survey include:

• An Independent Living (IL) survey that consists of approximately 25 questions

• A consolidated Continuing Care (CC) survey that addresses all levels of care

• A comment section after each question group to capture your thoughts as they pertain to that particular topic, e.g. Administration, Dining, General Services, etc.

• A simpler, easier-to-use website for online responses

While there are many opportunities and forums for providing feedback on your experience at Riderwood, this is our one opportunity each year to engage in a formal and quantitative assessment of our performance in serving you. Staff, in partnership with the Resident Advisory Council, have worked hard to develop and implement action plans over the last year in response to information from the 2017 survey. As a way to keep the community apprised of our efforts, we’ll be holding our annual “State of the Union” town hall in February, post a monthly Reporter column detailing progress to date, and will continue to host department directors featured in that month’s Reporter article with our Executive Director, Gary Hibbs, at his call-in show each month.

In order to identify areas of concern or where we can improve, we need to make sure there is broad participation in the survey. High participation levels lead to more reliable and comprehensive results. Last year’s response rate was 69.5%, just shy of the 70% that makes for a statistically strong survey. While we won’t be able to implement or respond personally to every suggestion, all suggestions will be carefully considered in making sure we have the best plan for our residents today and for those to come.

Thank you again for helping to make Riderwood an even better place to live (and work)!

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