Resident Satisfaction – Excellence

By George Mishraky
Director, Sales and Marketing

Early on in my career, it was clear to me that Riderwood exuded this aura, a special sauce you could say, which made it unique. Many factors contribute to this feeling, but to me it’s the people and culture that exemplifies our strong values.

I have no doubt that life for seniors is better here at Riderwood. I carry this belief daily, finding a multitude of ways to incorporate this mantra into our goals as a sales team striving for excellence. Simply put, our goal is to ensure that we bring this lifestyle to as many seniors as possible.

Excellence means that we maintain the highest level of quality and customer value at Riderwood by building lasting relationships with residents and staff, evaluating past experience and implementing best practices and making suggestions for our services to improve the efficiency of our work. Pat Riley, famous NBA coach and General Manager, captures the essence of excellence with this quote “Excellence is the gradual result of always striving to do better.”

In the sales office we greatly enjoy connecting with current and future residents.
One of our goals this year, and in the coming years, is to be customer-obsessed.  It’s the foundation of creating a strong bond with our prospective residents that will continue to build as they become residents of our great
community. We often leverage these relationships, asking our residents for first-hand feedback
in how we can improve on the process of transition from prospective resident to new resident.
Without this valuable feedback it’s difficult to measure our success in achieving our goal of excellence.

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