Plans set for the new look of Lakeside Commons

By Shanna Gordon
Operations Associate

Those of us who have undergone large renovation projects in our homes know well the trade-offs inherent to such ventures. Yes, there can be some stress and disruption, but there is also the satisfaction of a job well-done, in a beautiful new space, with many new features carefully designed.  As we become acquainted with these new features, the stress quickly fades, and from then on you find ourselves comfortably at home.

As you may have heard, Lakeside Commons will begin its repositioning later this year, only a month after the groundbreaking for the community’s new Wellness Center. The repositioning is a part of Riderwood’s long-range plan, as was the case with the work done at Town Center over the past year. Developed with the assistance of Erickson Living, the architectural design firm Hord-Coplan-Macht, and the Riderwood community, the Lakeside Commons repositioning project has the community’s current and long-term needs and desires in mind.

Unlike a traditional renovation, which simply updates existing interior design, repositioning makes physical changes to the interior space, such as demolishing walls, changing layout, and adding new rooms, to make improvements that beautify, improve accessibility, and increase functionality of the space. Some of the new features planned for Lakeside Commons are an additional restaurant similar in size to the Wye Oak Bistro, with an expanded dining patio, as well as a market to give residents another convenient shopping location. Furthermore, the Encore Theatre will be refreshed with reupholstered seating, new flooring, and fresh paint and finishings. The current computer room will be reallocated into a multipurpose music room and classroom, consistent with the modernization of technology which no longer relies on desktop computers, giving residents more leisure and learning options. An additional change will be an eventual repurposing of the current ground-floor Wellness Studio into the Finance Office, conveniently located for resident questions related to billing and finance. This change will not occur, however, until after the new Wellness Center is open for resident use.

Many residents may be wondering about the timeline for this work.  While dates are tentative, the project is scheduled to begin in November, 2018.  The repositioning is estimated to take fourteen months, with an expected completion date of January, 2020.  If you have any questions, please attend the September Conversations with Administration in Maryland Hall or contact the Administration Office.

Check out the current schematic drawings of the renovations to Lakeside Commons:

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