Whom does the Benevolent Care Fund Help?


By Fiona Divecha

Manager, Philanthropy & Resident Life

This is a compilation of some of the stories of those who are being helped by the Benevolent Care Fund.  Running out of personal assets is an unimaginable problem, yet some in our community are facing it bravely and with grace.  We hope this story demonstrates to you how it truly could happen to anyone and how blessed we are to be able to help them.

Betsy is 92 years young. She was married to her husband, Jim, for 53 years and he had been her rock. Betsy worked part-time for 42 years as a civilian for the Army.  Jim was a CPA and had his own business. Jim had done a good job saving up, and they traveled some after they both retired.

The year after his death, Betsy’s three children encouraged her to move to Riderwood.

She moved into a sunny, one-bedroom in Kings Court.  She felt good about her new home.  Her assets and income seemed ample for paying monthly expenses.  Betsy found a ladies group to have dinner with and a bridge partner.  She started taking PGCC classes.  She always volunteered to help at all the big community events.   

Having lived in her apartment for 12 years, Betsy started to have health problems.  After several hospital stays and a diagnosis of a congenital illness, Betsy and her family hired a nursing aid to take care of her 12 hours a day.  The support was a big help and made Betsy feel safe in her home, but after a year of barely being able to leave her apartment, Betsy and her family decided assisted living would give her a better lifestyle.

She lives in Evergreen Terrace now and has made several good friends whom she dines with daily.  She plays bridge once a week as she has done most of her life.  Betsy’s income and assets provided for her for the past 14 years but with inflation all those years, several significant health expenses, and the high cost of her care in the past 3 years, she is now in need of help from the Benevolent Care Fund.

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