Sustainability Corner – Sustainability Committee


By Jim Henkelman-Bahn

Co-chair, Riderwood Sustainability Committee

The Riderwood Sustainability Committee was established in 2016 at Riderwood Village to move toward the following vision: To protect and enhance the ecosystems that support life at Riderwood, regionally, and globally.  Riderwood will be a leading retirement community in sustainability efforts.

The Committee has twelve members – half are staff and half are residents. The work has been carried forward with five subcommittees:  Communications, Dining, Energy, Habitat, and Recycling. As we begin our third year in September, there will be opportunities for new volunteers to join the Riderwood Sustainability Committee and the subcommittees. 

If you are interested in being considered for working with this group or any of the subcommittees, please respond to Jim Henkelman-Bahn, Co-chair, before Wednesday, August 8. He can be reached at, 301-445-1752, or at Orchard Point 109.

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