On Board with Pat Davis

Pat Davis

By Pat Davis

Director in Residence, Riderwood Board of Directors

In mid-July, Jim Anders, Chair of Riderwood’s Board of Directors, came to the community for dinner. From time to time he likes to share a meal with a small group of residents, frequently folks who are relative newcomers to the community. But this time I invited people who have lived here for 6-17 years and have served in multiple roles, exclusive of the RAC.

They are leaders in Diversity and Inclusion, Sustainability, Philanthropy, Special Needs, Computer, Quilting, Gardening, CommUNITY Living, and other clubs and committees. They’ve taught classes, been AARP tax preparers, tutored computer users, and AV volunteers, staffed the Treasure Chest, coordinated performances, hosted TV shows, welcomed prospective residents as Resident Ambassadors – the list goes on and on. The group as a whole boasted a total of more than 200 years of Riderwood experience.

Although some came to the community reluctantly, often at the urging of a spouse, everyone agreed that they love living here because of our rich diversity, the wealth of activities, large and beautiful campus, and – especially – friendships with fellow residents. Also, as always, attendees were frank about expressing concerns, suggesting areas of possible improvement, and hearing about Jim’s history with and hopes for Riderwood.

These regular meals with residents are an activity of our Community Relations Committee (CRC). In addition, the CRC meets quarterly with Riderwood’s RAC and with senior staff. We tour facilities, attend major community events when possible, receive frequent community updates, submit regular reports to the entire Board and to National Senior Campuses, and give generous support to our Benevolent Care Fund.

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