Gourmet dining at Town Center

By Elaine Hauptman

Resident Writer

For a gourmet dining experience take yourself to Town Center, where there are three dynamic new restaurants. Carl Taylor, assistant general manager, was enthusiastic about the healthy menu being offered at the Bistro. Mr. Taylor’s background at Chesapeake Beach Hotel and the Colony Hotel and Conference Center made him keenly aware of the newer trends in food service.

Sauteed foods, steaming rather than frying, fresh herbs, olive oil, cheeses lower in lactose, and chickpeas (garbanzo beans)  were all motivations for the exciting new menu. Whenever possible, chilled berry and melon soups offer a stimulant to the palate. Seasonal fresh fruit is a healthy choice for dessert.

With the inauguration of the new Seasons Restaurant, even more choices are presented. The Lounge, which will open at 11:30 A.M., offers a light lunch fare, but favorites such as Cowboy burgers will also be included on the menu. In the main dining room of Seasons, where dinner will begin to be served at 4 p.m., there will be smaller, more intimate sections, allowing for better service and more ability to socialize with friends.

Carl Taylor stated that “options are possible.” Sauces can be withheld, portions can be cut in half, and whenever possible, requests can be satisfied.

The new Seasons Restaurant will also have a juice machine, where cranberry, orange, and apple juice will be available. Of course, you can always order tonic water and the famous “Arnold Palmer” drink. The menus at the Bistro, at the Lounge in Seasons Restaurant, and the Seasons Restaurant will offer different menus, therefore presenting the diner with over seventy-five options. Menus will change seasonally and provide the best of fresh fruit and vegetables available.

At all times residents are invited to participate in the selection of food offerings. It is the residents who initiate the ideas and requests for favorite items.

It is always important to remember that our servers are students in training. Mostly, they are teenagers who are interested in pursuing a career in hospitality and food service industry. Each person is a work in progress. These students are always learning and becoming aware of the innovations in the restaurant industry. At Riderwood they are offered the opportunity for a “dress rehearsal” and we, the diners, often must act as mentors for these future chefs and food managers.

So, you are invited to partake in the gastronomical feasts at any of the restaurants in Town Center. How lucky we are to have so many choices of foods, ambiance, menus, and personnel.


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