From the R.A.C. – Health Services Committee

Suzan Wynne

By Suzan Wynne

Medical Center, Arbor Ridge, and Ancillary Health Liaison, Resident Advisory Council

Last year, Riderwood’s Resident Advisory Council authorized the formation of a Health Services Committee (HSC). Carolyn Compton and I became co-chairs of this committee in November 2017.  Carolyn’s liaison role includes the Resident Services Department under Resident Life. My RAC role includes Home Health and Home Support under Resident Life, in addition to the Medical Center and Arbor Ridge.

For now, the committee, which meets twice a month, is comprised only of residents, but we invite members of the administration to brief us and participate in discussion.  Current members of the committee, many of whom have a background in health, are: Diane Matuszak, Secretary; Gail Boger, Winnie Coggins, Henry Lefkowits, Nancy Liskey, Ellen Schmidt, Bea Rodgers, Guillermo Olivos,  Hannah Spalding, and Jack Wachtman. Hannah, Jack, and Carolyn also sit on the Special Needs Committee.

The committee is currently focusing on two initiatives. The first initiative revolves around how Riderwood can become more accessible for residents with disabilities. The HSC held two listening sessions in July and will be holding two more in August:  Wednesday August 8 in the Lakeside Commons classroom at 3:00 p.m. and on Wednesday August 22 in the Town Center classroom at 10:00 a.m.

The second initiative will be to provide residents with increased focus on information and support in selecting and using a mobility assistive device, such as a cane, walker, rollator, EMV, or scooter. Watch for programming this coming fall.


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