What’s it Really Like? – Bartender

Enjoy this new Riderwood Reporter reoccurring column that focuses on various jobs around the campus and how certain employees found their calling.

By Corrinne Lennox
Resident Writer

In 2013, DaNique Douglas graduated from Paint Branch High School in Montgomery County, MD. Classmates told her to apply to Riderwood for a job and she soon became a server at the Overlook Restaurant in Lakeside Commons. She was later promoted to a lunchtime host position.

At about that time, DaNique also applied for a bartending position at Riderwood. “My mother had wanted to be a bartender,” she said, “but never was.” So DaNique, in effect, would be carrying the torch for her mother. “She stressed the importance of snack availability in Riderwood (primarily potato chips) and advised me about selecting the happy hour specials,” DaNique recalled.

“I was kind of nervous at the beginning,” DaNique admitted, “and even though I knew I’d be good, I decided to take bartending classes to be even better. Our final exam required passing a speed test. We had to make a drink in an allotted number of seconds. When I passed that test, I felt confident about my choice. Also, I can always Google mixology,” she adds.

As any good bartender knows, a sizable part of the job entails listening to clients. “I really like that part of bartending,” said DaNique, “Riderwood residents are smart and interesting. They tell me about trips they have taken and about their interests. They introduce their children and sometimes their grandchildren.”

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