RWV Woodshop provides updates on PET cart project

By Bob Doyle
Member, Riderwood Wood Shop

Did you know, over 70 million people worldwide are leg disabled?  In Sub-Saharan Africa alone, only one-half of 1% of disabled people ever receive a wheelchair in their lifetime.

Since the introduction of the PET Cart to the congregation of Riderwood’s Community Fellowship Church (CFC) in September 2017, volunteers from the Association of Woodcrafters (AoW) here at Riderwood took up the challenge to help change that statistic for the better.  Through your generous financial support, we have been hard at work, to purchase, cut and shape individual wood pieces for the construction of the Personal Energy Transportation (PET) Carts.  As of June 2018, AoW volunteers have cut and provided enough wood to construct the wood shells for a total of 125 PET Carts for handicapped persons overseas.

During our delivery of wood to Mt. Holly Springs, PA in May, the Riderwood TV Studio filmed the wood being delivered and unloaded, then stacked and painted, holes drilled, and then the final assembly of the carts by PET volunteers in Pennsylvania, which is one of 23 affiliated workshops for PET Mobility Worldwide in the U.S. and Africa.

PET Carts have been deployed in 104 countries worldwide.  The PET is recognized as one of the most efficient means of restoring mobility to individuals living in developing nations who have handicaps due to severe, crippling health issues and civil wars.

The AoW volunteers hope to continue this mission for Mobility Worldwide. For more information, please contact Bob Doyle, RWV PET project manager, at 301-328-7598 or by email at

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