Resident Satisfaction – Integrity

By Lori Hamilton
Administrator, Continuing Care

July is the month we look at our value of integrity.

What is integrity?

It is one of our most important Erickson Living values, and is defined as modeling ethical behavior by  being honest and trustworthy, addressing and reporting any issue or incident that exhibits unethical behavior, and being consistent with what we say and what we do.

Honesty and trust are essential characteristics of integrity.  In her article on integrity, Susan Heathfield states that acting with honor and truthfulness are basic tenets in a person with integrity.

Those who exhibit these traits draw others to them because of their trustworthiness and dependability.  They are principled and are regarded as individuals who do the right thing, at all times and in all situations, no matter the consequences.

According to the article What is Integrity, Really?, integrity is described as the foundation on which individuals build trust and effective interpersonal relationships.

We as individuals need to cultivate and promote integrity. We need others to understand the value and expectations of integrity in the workplace and in our living space. We need to be open and transparent, and lead by example demonstrating integrity through our behaviors and decisions.

Confidentiality is another component of integrity. It instills trust and encourages sincere consideration of the privacy of others. Earn the trust and respect of others. Do what you say you are going to do.  Keep confidential matters confidential.  Don’t discuss personal or professional matters of one individual with another.

According to champions of, here are five practical steps that every one of us can take to ensure our integrity journey:

• Be Committed:  Set high standards for your behavior and stick to them, even in difficult situations

• Be Courageous:  Stand up for what you believe is just and good

• Be Honest:  Choose words and actions that are sincere, not misleading

• Be Disciplined:  Remain dedicated and self-controlled, even when challenged

• Be Resilient:  Learn from mistakes and losses; seize the opportunity to improve

Integrity has no boundaries.  Anyone can possess integrity:  young, old, rich, poor, employed or retired.   It’s a choice that every one of us should make.

We, as Riderwood residents and staff, who believe in the Erickson Living mission, have the opportunity each and every day to demonstrate integrity by “living our values, one interaction at a time.”

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