Professional opera performance brought to you by Riderwood group

By Joan Kugler
Member, Opera at Riderwood

“There’s no nut like an opera nut.” This truism leads to another—that opera nuts tend to seek each other out and join together to generate more opera. This is happening at Riderwood, happily resulting in the creation of an umbrella organization: “Opera at Riderwood.” It has three subgroups:

“Encore Opera,” which presents opera and musical movies in the encore theater every Friday at 1 PM p.m. free. Rain or shine.

“Bella Vocci,” which mounts two or three concert season and features gifted young professional operatic singers. Recent offerings included an all-Donizetti program, a birthday bouquet of arias and songs, and an impressive world premiere of “Song of the Auvergne” arranged for three voices.

“Bel Cantanti at Riderwood” brings us an opera company that presents imaginative mini-versions of operas that they are currently staging. These are most effective in the intimate setting of the chapel, with its warm acoustics. The latest presentation a concert version of highlights from “Lucia di Lammermoor,” ended in a standing ovation with cheers. Tickets are required for the latter two groups.

Beautiful music! But—where were you, the audience? It would seem that a community of 2500 people would include more classical music lovers. If you were hunkered down next to your CDs, you missed out on some wonderful entertainment, often live. Why don’t you join us now?

The encore opera will continue through the summer. The Bella Vocci and Bel Cantanti shows will resume in the fall. Watch the bulletin boards, elevators, and Riderwood TV for announcements. Hope to see you at the opera!

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