New friendships formed in unique ways at Riderwood

By Almeda Girod
Resident Writer

A sense of community at Riderwood is fostered by residents who reach out in friendship and support to others. Some notable events occurred in the past few months.

Mary and Bill Clarke hosted the residents of the second floor of Canterbury Court recently to celebrate “spring, friendship, and neighborliness.” They also acknowledged “that little wedding across the pond.”

Refreshments echoed the British wedding theme with champagne, strawberry shortcake and lemon cake (alas, no elderflowers as were a part of the royal wedding cake). A recording of the wedding ceremony played silently in the background allowing for conversation. Riderwood ladies wore suitable royal wedding millinery, and one wore her Daughters of the American Revolution ribbon to remind guests that they should not become too enamored of the monarchy. The RW folks may have had more fun than the more formal celebration in Windsor.

Pam Silverwood (CT) noticed three new residents who had moved from out of state.  She decided to reserve the private dining room and invited seven other women to join them. Pam makes computer graphic designed signs to place on doors as a welcome for new neighbors.

It is a natural that Churalene Bice should host luncheons for all new residents on the third  level of MS since for 47 years she was the wife of a Methodist minister.

Paula Cook (KC) comments, “Imagine that it is your first week at Riderwood, after leaving behind a big piece of your life. How great if your new neighbors greet you by name, shake your hand, or invite you to dinner. The arrival of new neighbors is a perfect reason to have a ‘meet and greet’ block party for your floor.” Paula adds that one should not be intimidated by the thought of hosting a hall event and offers, “I am prepared to back my opinion.” Anyone wanting to have a block party is welcome to get in touch with Paula at 240-670-8275 and she promises to “help in every way that I can.”

Gary Hibbs, Executive Director, writes “One of the basic needs that any human being has in any culture is the need to connect. We are designed for community! At Riderwood, that is the core of what we do, and do well. It’s proven that we are healthier and not subject to the maladies that accompany social isolation when we connect. Riderwood is good for your health!”

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