Making your nametag your own

By Almeda Girod
Resident Writer

Joan Dargis (Madison Green) admits that she can be “a bit lazy” and not put on her name tag but adds “it is so helpful to me when others do.”

New residents have a blue ribbon attached to their name tags to identify their status. Steve and Claire Wallace arrived in Overlook restaurant past 6:30 on one of their first evenings after moving to Hunter Glen.  The person at the host stand noticed the blue ribbon and seated them.  Steve says, “I attribute that to the courtesy provided for newbies.”

Jonathan Umanzor, who works in Overlook Restaurant, comments “I believe that wearing name tags can be an essential part of joining the community.  The use of name tags eases the experience of meeting new people.”

Pat Vacca (Meadowbrook Square) says “It is helpful for me to see a resident’s name badge rather than just hearing a name.  If I have forgotten a name, I will not be embarrassed as I glance at their name tag.”

Gail Boger (Charles Terrace) has an allergy to nickel so secured a sterling silver chain making her name tag attractive.  Sylvia Reed (Hampton Square) bought a bead necklace at the recent Earth Day sale to enhance her tag.

Hannah Spalding (Meadowbrook Square) wears her name tag as identification should she have a medical incident.  She also likes that it helps others know her name.

Al Girod (Hunter Glen) orders special name tags with heavy duty magnets that does not harm clothing and gives them as gifts.

Robin’s Nest has retractable lanyards for sale.  Treasure Chest volunteers are given these lanyards in appreciation of their service.

Jonathan sums up this topic saying, “The use of name tags can be a great way to meet a variety of people throughout this new chapter in your life.”

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