Hymn playing pianists needed for Sunday Protestant Service in Arbor Ridge


By Elizabeth White
Riderwood Resident

When new residents come into Riderwood, “old-timers” look around to find “newbies” who have the same interests.  One such area of activity at Riderwood is music; and groups like the Piano Club seek those who have pianos, who can perform at the piano, or just love to listen to piano music.

Certain groups that meet on the campus require music, such as churches, choral groups and other performance shows (talent shows, acting on stage, etc.) One very special event is the 3:00 p.m. Sunday Protestant service of worship in the Garden Room of Arbor Ridge.  Rev. James Lyons plans and leads this service.

Volunteers sign up for “every first Sunday,” “every second….” or even the rare fifth Sunday – once a month (or once a quarter).  Reverend Lyons chooses three hymns from a large three-ring binder, and makes them available for the pianist to practice.  Playing familiar hymns while people are coming in, and leaving as well as during the communion service, adds to the atmosphere.

Newcomers, if you want to share your skill of playing hymns and would give one hour one Sunday a month (or a quarter), contact Rev. Lyons at 301-572-8327 or Elizabeth White at 301-847-0916.

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