Conversation with Administration – May 2018

By Mickey Thaxton,
Associate Executive Director

Please come and join the next “Conversation with Administration” at 2:00 p.m. Thursday, July 18, in Montgomery Station’s Maryland Hall.                                  

These monthly conversations provide an opportunity for residents to share concerns and receive feedback. They also help Administration understand what we can do to improve service to residents.  Transcripts of questions and answers from the meeting may be rephrased for this column in the Reporter without changing the accuracy of the information presented.

The following reflects the highlights of Conversation with Administration conducted in May.


• In updates with our General Services, we ask that residents dispose of their trash in the proper receptacles in their apartments and put trash outside of apartment doors on the assigned trash pick-up days which are Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. We ask that the outdoor trash containers be used for their intended purpose. If you need to have trash picked up on a day before the regular trash pick-up, please call housekeeping, and we will arrange for pick up. Window washing will start up again this summer. Please look for more information to follow. We are working with capital improvements to address the warm temperatures in the hallways.

• In updates in our Dining department, we have opened the outside area of the Wye Oak Bistro for service. The area is a dedicated service area, so we have had great success with residents enjoying their meals outside. The barbeque season has also started and is being well attended. We will be launching our homemade dessert program in all restaurants.

• In updates for our Sales Department, our occupancy for April is 96.5%. That is almost a full percentage point above our year-to-date occupancy at this time last year. This is two above business plan, and we are hoping to end four above business plan. This success is thanks to our dedicated resident ambassadors who are an integral part of our Sales team.

Questions and comments by Residents:

1. Can Seasons serve ice cream cones?

We will look into this suggestion.

2. Will the campus road system be impacted by the long-range plan? 

No. We are working with our partners and have developed the long-range plan to be accommodated by the current road system.

3. Can Riderwood offer a service to have watch batteries replaced?

We will look into this suggestion.

4. Is there a way that we can have access to mail services that the mobile post office truck used to offer?

Yes. We are piloting a post office shuttle through our transportation department. We will offer trips to the local post office. Look for more information soon.

5. Can we remind residents, staff, vendors, and guests to respect the speed limit on campus?

Yes. Please be mindful that the campus speed limit is 15 mph. We also would like to remind drivers to obey stop signs and be aware of pedestrians. We want to keep our campus safe.

6. Can we name the roads on campus?

We will look into this suggestion.

7. Can we get call forwarding through Riderwood Connect?

We will research if this feature is available.

8. If I have someone I know who would be an excellent person to work here can I recommend them?

Yes. We are always recruiting for talented people to work here. If you know someone, please have them apply on our online website. Alternatively, ask them for their resume, and you can drop it off at the Administration Office.

9. If we have a suggestion or concern and would like to contact our Resident Advisory Committee (RAC) what is the right way?

You can contact any RAC member individually, and they will bring your concern to the committee and management. You can also leave a suggestion in the RAC suggestion boxes that are at all community lobbies. Please write your name and contact information along with your concern or recommendation, and a member of the RAC will get back with you.

10. Can the elevator doors be adjusted so that they stay open longer to allow more people to enter and exit before they begin shutting?

We will look into this suggestion.

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