Around the Community – July 2018


RWV softball team competes in inter-community tournament

The Riderwood Rockets Softball Team competed against their sister communities of Charlestown, Oak Crest and Greenspring on Wednesday, June 6 at Charlestown Retirement Community in the Annual Erickson Softball Tournament. Unfortunately, the Riderwood team fell to Charlestown in game 1 by a score of 8-3. In the second game, Oak Crest beat Greenspring, 25-15. Riderwood then faced off with Greenspring in the third place game, and won 17-3. The championship game featured the Oak Crest Good Guys versus the Charlestown Sluggers. Oak Crest went on to win the game 11-3 to collect their seventh championship trophy in the last eight years of the tournament. The Riderwood Rockets would like to thank everyone for their support and are looking forward to next year’s competition and another chance to take home the trophy. (Photos by Chris Taydus)

Veterans Legacy Group commemorates Flag Day outside Village Square

Thursday, June 14, was a day to honor the Stars and Stripes, with the annual Flag Day celebration taking place outside Village Square. Jules Balog introduced the event followed by an opening prayer by Reverend James Bell. The event also included Associate Executive Director Mickey Thaxton reading Donald Trump’s official proclamation declaring the day Flag Day, and with that, the flag was raised, the Star Spangled Banner was sung, and the Pledge of Allegiance was recited. Lou Ferguson read a popular poem about the flag, and Bill Peacock detailed the flag’s history. Dave Williams spoke about the holiday and the flag, and explained that if you would like to dispose of a flag, rather than throwing it out, contact him to pick it up and it will be retired properly. The full flag day program can be found online at (Photos by Amy Hahn & Maria Aghguiguian)

Three residents added to Legacy Tree for gifts to community

In a ceremony held on June 19, Regina Cohen, Frances Liberatore, and Jim Sweeney were inducted into the Riderwood Legacy Society. This honor is received when a resident bequeaths a monetary gift to the community to be received upon their passing. As a symbol of their dedication to the community, members of the Legacy Society have their names enshrined in colorful leaves on the Legacy Tree in the lobby on Lakeside Commons. They also receive a golden acorn pin to wear. Philanthropy Manager Fiona Divecha mentioned during the ceremony that the acorn represents the gift that they will leave the community which will flourish much like a real acorn becomes a tall oak tree. If residents are interested in learning how they too can join the Legacy society, contact Fiona or Sheena Lewis in the Riderwood Philanthropy department. (Photos by Chris Taydus)

Pow! Thwack! Employees celebrate superheroes at annual picnic

Fortunately, there was no radioactive waste involved, but superheroes (and a few villains) reigned supreme on June 15 as the 2018 Riderwood Employee Picnic took place, celebrating another year of outstanding work by the community’s staff members. Highlights from the event included a safety challenge relay, the annual Battle of the Sexes tug of war, the three legged race, and a superhero themed competition where blinfolded executive team members were guided through a barrage of silly string and beach balls. The afternoon also included a delicious barbeque, photo booth, and some physical challenges to test staff members’ stamina. This annual event is open to all staff members and is put on by the Erickson Living Values Team. (Photos by Chris Taydus & Courtney Coombs)

Arts Council hosts “Meet the Artists” for the fifth art exhibit

The Arts Council of Riderwood celebrated the opening of its fifth exhibit with a Meet the Artists reception on June 14 outside of the Encore Theater in Lakeside Commons. The event included many of the artists taking the opportunity to answer questions about their work and the inspiration behind it. The artwork previously located outside the Encore can now be found in the Montgomery Station lobby and Windsor Dining Room, while the artwork from Exhibit III was moved to Village Square. For more information on having personal work included in these showings, contact the Arts Council of Riderwood to find out the submission dates for later this year. (Photos by Chris Taydus)

Residents and staff bid farewell to Margaret Hart

June 22 marked the last day for Administrative Assistant Margaret Hart. Margaret has been a part of the Riderwood community for seven years serving the Executive Director and Associate Executive Directors in Lakeside Commons. In the afternoon of her last day, residents and staff joined her in the Chesapeake Room at Montgomery Station to say farewell. Gary Hibbs spoke highly of Margaret, commenting at the event that she always showed a great deal of concern for the residents and that her successor would have some big shoes to fill. Margaret will be leaving the Washington, DC area for Albuquerque, New Mexico where her son has recently started at the University of New Mexico. (Photos by Chris Taydus)

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