Volunteer Spotlight – Adam Russell

Heather Hicks-Mello and Judy Felsenfeld (top row L to R) pose with Riderwood Volunteer Adam Russell. (Photo courtesy of Heather Hicks-Mello)

By Judy Felsenfeld

Coordinator, Volunteer Programs

Adam Russell has been a volunteer here at Riderwood for five years.  He started his volunteer assignment in June 2013.

Adam works Monday through Thursday delivering the mail to all Arbor Ridge residents.  Besides delivering the mail, Adam also enjoys helping Judy Felsenfeld, Riderwood Volunteer Coordinator, with Special Events setup.

When asked what he liked best about his volunteer service, Adam’s response was “ I just love it. I like seeing the residents every day. They talk to me about their families and their family history.”

Communications Supervisor Heather Hicks-Mello describes Adam as a dedicated volunteer and worker. Adam is dependable and pleasant to staff and volunteers. Both Judy and Heather appreciate Adam’s work and are grateful to have him as a volunteer.

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