The principle of respect

By Bea Rodgers

Member, CommUNITY Living Committee

The CommUNITY Living Committee continues to bring residents of Riderwood information related to the 12 principles of considerate conduct which the committee chose to highlight during 2018. We hope that the articles in the Riderwood Reporter have been helpful, gentle reminders each month. When reviewing the 12 principles, one might think that the most important one is respect. There are five specific principles which guide us to different areas deserving our respect. They include respect of other people’s opinion, other people’s time, other people’s space, and the environment. Focusing on just these five principles gets us to almost half of all 12.

Let’s take a look at this word respect: It is probably a word which is in our everyday conversation. But what does it mean? It can mean to value, admire, appreciate, show consideration, care for, or acknowledge. Most of the time respect is something we do automatically. It’s in the unconscious. “Of course, I respect your feelings while not necessarily agreeing with what you say” or “Here at Riderwood, we definitely respect the environment and do our part to recycle every day.”  Sometimes, however, respecting others may just slip our mind as we busily go about our day. We may be deep in conversation and unintentionally block the hall or the entrance to a classroom. We might be having a bad day and just want to complain without noticing that our complaints are resulting in upsetting others who hear us.

Practicing the 12 principles of considerate conduct while emphasizing respect will help us all contribute to harmonious living among residents, staff and visitors.

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