On Board with Pat Davis

Pat Davis

By Pat Davis

Director Living in Community

May was a busy month for members  of the Community Relations Committee (CRC) of the Riderwood Board of Directors. The highlight was our Annual Meeting open to all residents, and I hope many of you were able to attend or saw a broadcast of the event on Riderwood TV.

As always, printed copies of the Annual Report were available prior to or at the meeting, and you can still pick one up at the Administrative Office. The Report contains a review of last year’s activities in the community, financial and programmatic plans for the coming year, and brief biographies of senior staff and RAC members. A second part of the Annual Report introduces members of the Riderwood Board of Directors and CRC, describes Board organization and governance functions, introduces NSC Advisory and Riderwood Committees, and lists 2017 Board activities.

A second document made available each year is the Consolidated Financial Statement for the two years just past. The document includes four pages of figures and multiple pages of explanatory notes.

Here at Riderwood we are fortunate to have CRC members who have been active on our Board for years and are very familiar with and deeply committed to our community. Jim Anders lives and works in Baltimore but loves to come here every couple of months to share dinner and conversation with residents. It’s yet another way to help you be informed. If you’d like to participate in such a meal later in the year, please contact me at

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