Let’s go fly a kite with the Riderwood Kite Co-Op!

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! Actually, it’s a kite. While it may look like Lowell Edminster is just bird watching, he’s actually flying a bird-shaped kite on the lawn outside Montgomery Station as part of the new kite co-op.

By Almeda Girod

Resident Writer

Lowell Edminster and his wife, Lin, moved to Charles Terrace two years ago from Fort Washington, MD. As he walked the campus, Lowell noticed the green between Montgomery Station and Town Center and recalled when he and his older brother, Warren, flew kites on the football field across the street from their home in Wyanet, Illinois (population 950). This revived an interest. Lowell reached out to others and the Kite Co-Op was formed with the concept that everyone helps others, regardless of skill or experience.

Members began meeting in the MST Arts and Craft Room to design kites. Bernie Spalding, who has a long history of building and making kites, became the “grease that makes the wheels go around.” Phil Studer, who owns a patent on a device with Magnetic Levitation application, joined. Marion Lane hopes to make kites to fly with her grandchildren. Robert Jessup is a “good worker who helps others achieve their goals.” Jim Torri has loved all things that fly (gliders, model airplanes, kites) since his youth in Illinois, and he brings his experience to share with others.

The Co-Op guidelines schedule flying days to ensure good weather conditions. Jim comments that the green is in a valley between high-rise apartments where winds can be “gusty and tricky.” He adds that a number of kites have found homes in trees. Bernie’s novel use of a fishing rod allows his kites to soar. Marion comments that one does not need to be a Co-Op member to sit on a bench and observe. Her grandmother said “not everyone can be on the stage since there needs to be an audience.”

Others with an interest may call Lowell Edminster at 301-273-0460 for more information. Lowell says “It is hard to be down when you are looking up.”

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