From the R.A.C – Sales & Marketing and Human Resources


Tom Kelly

By Tom Kelley

Sales & Marketing and Human Resources Liaison, Resident Advisory Council

Recently I began the second year of my term on the RAC. The first year was a real learning experience of all that goes into the day to day management of a community like Riderwood. Upon taking office, I was asked to be the liaison for Sales & Marketing and Human Resources. In addition to these appointments I was asked to be a part of the finance committee where I learned the importance of good money management.

All of the above-mentioned assignments were great opportunities for my growth and understanding of what it means to be a member of RAC and represent you, the residents of Riderwood. My most demanding appointment, however, was my being named to the Town Center renovation communication committee. Since I live in Town Center, I wanted the residents of Town Center to have one of their own available to answer their questions. Remember a year ago when the most talked-about question within the TNC neighborhood and around the campus was, “What’s going to happen while the renovations are taking place? Where are we going to eat? Where can we play bridge? Are we going to have a library? Is that fireplace going to be a permanent fixture?” You know all the other questions that have been asked.

Now, a year later, we are beginning to see the new look of Town Center. The Wye Oak Bistro has now opened; and as the weather improves, outdoor dining will become a regular feature of the Bistro. Soon Seasons will open with its new look. The Craft Room and the Music Room are now available with their new appearance. The new library and media center are places we can all take pride in, along with a place where we all can socialize and watch TV together. I know very well we have been asked to endure certain inconveniences over the past 12 months, but now we are beginning to see the benefits of our willingness to undergo these temporary demands. Enjoy your remodeled home!

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