Another Opening, Another Show – Join PAC today!

By Judy Brown

Chair, Performing Arts Council

Have you ever been involved in a high school or college stage production? Maybe you have a bit of show business in your blood! Every month, posters go up, and articles appear in the Riderwood Reporter announcing a show at the Encore Theater or a classical music program in the Chapel. Our shows range widely, including a colorful Balalaika ensemble, a nationally recognized solo violinist, a classical ballet performance or a jazz group. The process for finding these performers and making arrangements for them to come to Riderwood is the responsibility of a resident-run group, the Performing Arts Council (PAC). The council is made up of a set of officers, a community resources coordinator, and members working together to bring fine entertainment to you.

Each month the council meets to plan and work out the details for upcoming and future shows. The process to bring a single show to Riderwood begins with a search for interesting talent, reviewing previous performances on the internet, and negotiating performance fees and details. Next, a Producer is assigned who works directly with the performers. Posters are developed, and $5.00 tickets are sold. Trained ushers are ready to ensure safe seating procedures, and the tech crew has made sound and light adjustments in the booth. The show begins!

If show business calls to you, we invite you to join the Performing Arts Council. We meet at 10:00 a.m. on the second Tuesday of the month in the Library room at Lakeside. The current leadership team of PAC is: Judy Brown, Chair; Susan Rogers, Classical Series Chair; Trudy Downs, Treasurer; Alan Mayers, Recording Secretary; and Teddi Kaplan, Former Chair. Come and join us!

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