Administration provides updates on campus Long Range Plans

By Chris Taydus

Editor-in-Chief, Riderwood Reporter

As Executive Director Gary Hibbs is known for saying, “Change is the only constant.” From the opening of The Glen at Orchard Point to the upcoming enhanced Wellness Center, Riderwood has undergone some significant changes, and more are on the way. The Riderwood Executive Team is doing its best to keep residents informed as to the latest updates on the construction and renovations, and one of the ways they’re doing that is holding regular town hall meetings with the most recent information. One such Town Hall meeting took place on Thursday, May 3, in Maryland Hall.

After a brief introduction by Gary Hibbs, Associate Executive Director Mickey Thaxton spent much of the meeting, with the help of Scott Davis of the Hord Coplan Macht architecture firm, discussing the status of the various projects completed, underway, and scheduled to get underway soon at Riderwood.

The first project discussed was the new Calvert Landing elevator, which will be constructed on the Calvert Landing end of the link connecting that building to the chapel. The elevator will only connect the first and second floors of Calvert Landing to alleviate congestion at the existing elevator for residents looking to go to the Chapel, Town Center, or Lakeside Commons. Construction is scheduled to begin at the end of the summer and wrap up in December or early January.

The next project discussed was the new Wellness Center, which is scheduled to break ground at about the same time as the Calvert Landing Elevator, August 2018, and take a little over a year to complete with the building opening in January of 2020. The two-story structure will feature a larger pool, full studio of fitness equipment, two multipurpose rooms on the second floor, and an outdoor balcony for relaxing. The building will be located between Calvert Landing and the Chapel on part of the current site of Parking Lot O, the parking lot between the Riderwood Chapel and Calvert Landing.

Another project that will overlap with the previous two is renovations to the Lakeside Commons building. That project will begin at the end of this year and continue until the end of the following year. While the plans for Lakeside Commons are still being adjusted, the renovated building will include a new second pub style dining venue, a renovated Overlook dining room, a new media center, and potentially a convenience store as well. The lower level of Lakeside Commons will also see some change as the Riderwood Finance team will relocate to the space that is now the Wellness Studio. That space will also see the addition of new gallery space for displaying artwork or storage of mobility vehicles during Encore Theater events.

Finally, Mickey spoke on the Town Center renovations, stating that the project is still on schedule to be completed next month. The meeting concluded with a Question and Answer portion which featured many questions from residents about topics such as the Town Center fireplace, parking during construction, and accessibility concerns. The meeting can be viewed in its entirety at under the “Video On Demand” link at the top of the page.

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