Gentlemen Songsters celebrate “Music with a Meaning” in May

GentlemenSongsters copy

By Ray Roth
Director, The Gentlemen Songsters

The Gentlemen Songsters will present their 2018 spring concert on Friday, May 4, in the Riderwood Chapel at 2:30 and again at 7:30 p.m.

The theme for the concerts is “Music with a Meaning.” Music from both the Christian and Jewish faiths will be presented in English, Latin, and Hebrew. In addition, there will be spirituals which originated in Africa and the United States.

George Hunter, one of Riverwood’s talented soloists, will add two numbers and there will be three sing-along numbers, enabling everyone in attendance to exercise their vocal cords.

The director of the Songsters is Ray Roth and Cidney Roth is the accompanist.

Tickets are not required but proceeds from concert donations will be given to the Riderwood Benevolent Fund after concert expenses

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