From the desk of the editor – May 2018

By Chris Taydus
Editor-in-Chief, Riderwood Reporter

On behalf of the staff of Riderwood TV and the Riderwood Reporter newspaper, I want
to take an opportunity to thank the resident volunteers who contribute to the monthly newspaper. Regardless of the topic, every piece submitted is appreciated and we do our best to include every one.

If you are interested in writing for the newspaper, there are some guidelines we ask that you follow when submitting your article. First of all, articles should be turned in to the TV Studio staff by the deadline for the month. Deadlines usually fall about halfway through the month, but for the precise date, consult the bottom of the blue staff information box, located this month, in the bottom left corner of page two of the paper. While it is preferred that articles be submitted digitally, by e-mailing, you can submit a paper copy of your article to the staff in the TV Studio in Lakeside Commons.

Next, please have all articles be under 250-300 words. There are a lot of articles to fit in the newspaper so space can become a commodity with a large number of longer articles. Finally, please do your best to avoid intentional or unintentional plagiarism. Re-word information that you may have gotten from an outside source.

There is some flexibility to these guidelines, so if you feel you can’t meet them, please be sure to contact me at the e-mail address listed earlier with any questions. I hope you’ll utilize one of the most commonly read sources of information on the campus to advertise to, entertain, and inspire the residents of Riderwood.

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