Conversation with Administration – March 2018

ExecTeam_FullSizeBy Mickey Thaxton
Associate Executive Director

Please come and join the next “Conversation with Administration” at 2:00 p.m. Thursday, May 16,

in Montgomery Station’s Maryland Hall.

These monthly conversations provide an opportunity for residents to share concerns and receive feedback. They also help Administration understand what we can do to improve service to residents.  Transcripts of questions and answers from the meeting may be rephrased for this column in the Reporter without changing the accuracy of the information presented.

The following reflects the highlights of Conversation with Administration conducted in March.


• In updates with our General Services, the music room in Town Center is nearly completed. We are waiting for the blinds to be installed. The men’s restroom is completed, and the women’s room renovation being started. Outside furniture is ordered and depending on the weather, we will be placing them soon. May 3 will have a Town Hall meeting for the updates of the renovations. Please look for more information to follow. In our white-glove initiative we are well on the way to making sure that our customer service is on par with your expectations.

• In updates with our Sales Department, I would like to acknowledge and recognize the hard work and dedication our resident ambassadors do to help us in our sales office. Our occupancy is 95.8%. We are two above business plan at the end of March. Any time we are ahead of business plan is great.

• In updates in our Dining department, we are now offering breakfast every Thursday from 8 – 10 a.m. in the Wye Oak Bistro. We are now including soup and salad options for the meal of the day. We have also expanded the dessert options throughout all dining venues, including options with ice creams. In Town Center we will soon be opening the outside patio for an alfresco dining experience.

• In updates in our Resident Life Department, we would like to introduce Courtney Coombs. She is our new Community TV Coordinator. And we would also like to welcome Sheena Lewis, who is our new Philanthropy Coordinator. Both Courtney and Sheena bring lots of expertise and experience to their roles.

Questions and comments by Residents:

1. If I would like to put in a work order, how do I go about it?   

You can call the General Services number or email them. Email addresses are available at the front desks. If you have an emergency, please phone your request in in lieu of emailing.   

2. Will there be a pool table available on campus? 

A pool table will be available in Lakeside Commons after its renovation.

3. Can we hang walkers outside the buses?

Due to possible weather constraints and exposure to residents’ property, we do not transport walkers on the exterior of the buses.

4. I would like to send out special thanks to our bus drivers.

Thank you for you compliment.

5. Is window washing going to be available this spring?

We are working on the schedule and will be communicating the information in the near future.

6. Is there a social worker available during the weekend and off hours?

Yes. Please contact our security office and they will get you connected to the social worker who is on call for the weekend or during off hours.

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