Riderwood TV welcomes Production Coordinator Courtney Coombs

By Chris Taydus

Community TV and A/V Manager

Riderwood TV is excited to welcome its newest staff member: Community TV Production Coordinator Courtney Coombs. Courtney started at the TV studio on Monday, March 19 and will be responsible for helping Community TV & A/V Manager Chris Taydus and the other Community TV Production Coordinator, Avedis Aghguiguian, with the day to day operations of Riderwood TV, the Riderwood Reporter Newspaper, and the campus Audio/Visual equipment.

Courtney comes to us with six years of video and entertainment production experience including a Bachelor of Arts degree with a double major in Linguistics  and Media Studies & Production from Temple University in Philadelphia, PA graduating Summa Cum Laude in December of 2014. She most recently worked with Fairfax Public Access television operating studio camera for live & live-to-tape productions, operating video and audio boards, and floor directing their various productions.

The project that Courtney is most proud of in her video production career was a documentary she produced with four classmates in college titled In Memoriam. The short documentary details the history, abandonment, and ongoing restoration of Mount Moriah Cemetery located in Southwest Philadelphia. The cemetery is the final resting place of Betsy Ross, former Philadelphia mayors George Connell and William Burns Smith, and several Medal of Honor recipients. “A lot of the other groups [in the class] did pieces on relationships and cell phones,” Courtney recounts, “so I was really proud that ours had a deeper meaning than just what was on the surface.”

Behind the scenes wasn’t always Courtney’s plan though. “I went to college originally with the intention of being a news reporter,” she says, “…but I realized I didn’t enjoy that as much and became more interested in the behind the scenes aspects of [television production].” Though, the weekly Riderwood Reporter TV News program may give her the chance to continue pursuing behind the scenes production with a bit of the news reporter role she started out following.

Regardless of the project, Courtney is thrilled to be at Riderwood and ready to work with the residents and staff. “I’m excited to meet people and hear their stories. There are so many things for residents to do and a lot of people are excited to get involved,” she reveals. “That excitement gets me enthusiastic to see what makes everyone at Riderwood happy.”

You can contact Courtney by stopping by the Riderwood TV Studio in Lakeside Commons, by calling her at 301-628-3601, or e-mail at

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