Riderwood bird feeding guidelines

By Jack Vargo 

Grounds Supervisor

In a follow-on to Don Messermith’s excellent article in the March Reporter, bird feeding will resume at Riderwood on a trial basis.  In order to ensure success, residents are expected to adhere to the following guidelines and are responsible for supplying, filling, monitoring, cleaning and maintaining their feeders.

• Residents may have up to two seed feeders, two suet feeders, and two liquid feeders.

• No ground-level platform feeders are permitted.

• Loose seed may not be cast on the ground, patio, or any other surface.

• No bread or baked goods of any kind are to be put out for birds, nor should any foods that contain salt.

• All seed feeders must have a seed “catch” base or basin to collect husks and spilled seed to prevent them from reaching the ground.

• Upper floor apartments may only hang liquid feeders – not seed feeders – as debris from seed feeders may drop to lower units causing unwanted and undesirable clean up.

• Birdfeeders may not be installed in any protected or reforested areas.

• Birdfeeders may not be hung from awnings or attached to buildings in any way.  Feeders should be hung from appropriate hooks. Hooks used to hang feeders in trees must not restrict the growth of the tree.  No nails or screws are permitted in any trees.

• Birdfeeders may not be placed in any location that affects campus mobility or the care and maintenance of the campus.

• Birdfeeders may be inspected at any time without pre-notification. Residents will be asked to remove the feeders if not complying with stipulated guidelines.

Recommended seeds include: Sunflower (squirrels favor black oil sunflower seeds), safflower, and thistle.  These seeds invite most songbirds while discouraging most unwanted critters.  Try to avoid millet, oats, corn, peanuts, flax, and milo.

Feeding tip: Adding cayenne pepper or chili pepper to your seeds will deter unwanted critters; however, birds don’t pick up on the taste.  The Riderwood Grounds Department carries a stock of prepackaged seed blends (as well as treated suet) with the pepper already blended in.  Please contact the Grounds Department at 606-2068 if you would like to purchase seed directly from Riderwood.

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