Resident Satisfaction: Dining Services

By Jeff Kimbell

Director, Dining Services Department

By now, I am sure most are aware that we recently opened the new Wye Oak Bistro. I like the fact that we kept the name Wye Oak as I feel it is a way to honor the legacies of the past by connecting them with the future.  The Wye Oak Pub certainly meant a lot to our residents and the stately Wye Oak tree was truly a part of the history of Maryland.

So far we have heard good things about the Bistro, especially the homemade desserts!  I have heard that the Crème Brûlée is as good as anything you would find in Paris, and that the brownie ice cream sandwich brings back favorite memories of summers at the ocean. These comments are appreciated, as our goal was to create a unique and special dining program. That said, we have also heard that there are things we can work on. We want to give those areas the same level of attention.

We realize that the Bistro experience is different from Seasons regarding offerings and variety. The Bistro was always intended to be a separate venue with menu selections and programming unique to a fast-casual, bistro-style environment. However, we have heard your feedback regarding the alignment with the traditional meal of the day program. So, we will soon be implementing additional options, including offering  soup and salad as well as an additional side dish as part of your meal of the day program.

We have also heard some concerns about wait times to get into Celebrations as well as other venues due to the lack of seating that resulted when Seasons closed. Part of our strategy to minimize inconvenience was to create an enhanced carryout option in Robin’s Nest featuring residents’ favorite items such as lamb chops and crab cakes. Based on feedback, we have adjusted this offering to make it more convenient. As a result, the enhanced options will now be available Monday through Saturday from noon to 5:00 p.m. I would encourage residents to consider the enhanced program as an option for those days when you want a great meal without the wait. We appreciate your feedback and your support of the dining program.

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