Healthier food choices now at campus stores

By Winnie Coggins & Ellen Schmidt

Members, RAC Health Services Committee

In response to requests from residents, new items are available at Riderwood stores. Riverwood’s Dining Services Department is collaborating with the Resident Advisory Council’s (RAC) Health Services Committee to increase the availability of healthier options to meet the dietary needs of residents and staff by providing lower-sugar, sugar-free, lower-calorie, and gluten-free items.

Millie See, who handles product ordering for these stores, is working with her strategic vendors to add items on a trial basis.  Signs will indicate new items in each store. Because shelf space is limited and supply is driven by demand, staff members will use sales numbers and resident feedback to determine which items sell and what alternatives may need to be tried in the future.

We need your help to make these determinations. A suggestion box is available for you to provide comments, both positive and negative. Also, please make suggestions for additional items for future consideration.

The members of the RAC Health Services Committee are working with Millie See to publicize this effort. Look for Carolyn Compton’s Riderwood television interview with Millie and please visit the stores to see the new items. Your feedback is important to this effort and is appreciated.

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