From the RAC: 2018 Liaisons

By Bette Martin

Chair, Resident Advisory Council

This article is to let you know the specific assignments of the newly constituted Resident Advisory Council (RAC).

Effective two-way communication between residents and staff is basic to the purpose of  the RAC.   RAC members, working in their liaison roles, are key to facilitating that communication.   You may have read their articles by RAC members or seen their spots on Riderwood TV news that supports this effort.  RAC members also serve on campus-wide committees.

Seven RAC liaisons meet with the director and staff of  their assigned management units.   Some convene and chair the resident committees which are advisory to those units.   If you have an interest in any of these areas, please contact the appropriate RAC member.

This year’s RAC member assignments are:

• Carolyn Compton is liaison to Resident Life; Special Needs Committee, CommUNITY Living Committee.

• Dick Dowd is RAC secretary & liaison for Resident Concerns; Sustainability Committee

• Lou Ferguson is liaison to General Services; General Services Committee

• Elenora Giddings Ivory is the Communication Officer.  She summarizes RAC meetings for Riderwood TV news and arranges periodic forums and open meetings on timely topics;  Media Advisory Board.

• Bill Harris is liaison to Dining Services; Dining Committee

• Tom Kelley is liaison to Human Resources and Marketing

• Bette Martin is RAC Chair; Diversity and Inclusion Committee

• Carmen Maymi is liaison to Finance; Finance Committee

• Suzan Wynne is liaison to the Medical Center, Arbor Ridge, Home Health, Home Support;  Health Services Committee

Dick Dowd collects the ‘Resident Concern and Suggestion’ forms from the boxes in each clubhouse.  If you would like to receive copies of the RAC minutes which include the monthly liaison reports on email, please contact him:

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