The art of jurying art with the Arts Council of Riderwood

By Sylvia Reed & Winnie Coggins
Members, Arts Council of Riderwood

The Arts Council of Riderwood has completed the jurying process for its fourth exhibit, which is now showing in the Encore Gallery at Lakeside Commons.  These revolving exhibits begin at Lakeside, move to Montgomery Station, and then to Village Square before the works are returned to the artists.

Have you wondered how to have your work included a future exhibit?  First, it must be juried.  Residents and employees submit their original art in any medium. A juror, a non-resident art professional from the Washington/Baltimore region, views the artworks, and selects the ones to be exhibited.

What happens when a work of art enters the “jury” room?  All submitted art is carefully viewed by the juror, who alone makes decisions based on his/her artistic aesthetic. Members of the Arts Council assist the juror and serve as “worker bees,” moving things about, placing paintings on easels, as the juror examines them. Arts Council members do not comment on the art or artist in any manner.  (In fact, it has happened more than once that a helper has had a personal piece accepted or rejected by the juror; the juror never learned that).

After the juror has determined which works of art will be in the exhibit, a photograph of each chosen work is taken to create a record of the exhibits for future use.  A catalog is prepared for each exhibit.  The identity of the juror is revealed at the opening reception, and often the juror will speak.

As the artists return to claim their work on the day of jurying, each is told of the juror’s decisions. All hope to see their work accepted, and none enjoy learning that on this day, by this juror, their work was not chosen.

Artwork can be resubmitted for future exhibits, and may find success with a new juror.  The Arts Council is happy to receive names of possible jurors for future exhibits.  Contact any council member with the information.

We hope you will enjoy these shows on campus and come to Meet the Artists and Art Talks events throughout the year.

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