Tapestry of Tales: Fiona Divecha

fiona-1.jpgBy Fiona Divecha
Member, Diversity & Inclusion Committee

My name is Fiona Divecha and I am the Resident Life and Philanthropy Manager at Riderwood. I work with a team of talented staff who support groups and activities, engage volunteers, run the TV studio and fundraise for the Benevolent Care and Scholarship Funds. I am a Pakistani-American. My family is Zoroastrian (this is our religion) and therefore a minority group in Pakistan. I moved, with my family, to American in 1984. I was six years old and started the first grade here.

I grew up right here in Silver Spring. I love that our local area is so diverse. Although all of us have felt some sting of being “different,” I am grateful that I have felt very little of it growing up in the DC area with my parents, two sisters and my extended family on my mother’s side. My culture is very family-oriented, and we are a very close-knit family.

I went to Montgomery County public schools and then on to our “local” university, UMCP, for two years. I transferred to the College of Notre Dame and majored in political science. I have been working at Riderwood for 18 years. I started as a part-timer while in college and since then have had various roles through the years. I get a lot of pleasure out working with residents.

At Riderwood, I serve on the Diversity and Inclusion Council. It is important to me that I work for and with individuals who are open to diverse people, cultures and ideas. My hope is that we truly appreciate each other, not just tolerate one another. There is so much we can all learn from others.

The Diversity and Inclusion Council will be presenting a program called Tapestries. Each month through July will feature an article and TV program highlighting a resident or staff member’s immigrant journey. To learn the full story of my immigrant experience, please tune in to Channel 972 on March 20.

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