Stand tall, improve your posture!

Chris Hynson headshotBy Chris Hynson
Fitness Coordinator

With the new year, many of us have resolutions and goals we hope to accomplish. Put your health and fitness first this new year. Start to improve your wellness by standing taller with proper posture. Many of us do not realize the importance of posture and how it can affect our health and our bodies.

We go through our days so focused on our tasks ahead that we sometimes neglect to stop and think while walking down a hall, “Am I standing tall? Are my shoulders back? Am I keeping my abdomen tight when I rise from a seated position?” Our muscles have memory and we want to ensure that we train them properly to prevent injury or a fall, and to improve our gait and balance. Posture comes into play every day while we are performing our activities of daily living such as lifting grocery bags, walking the dog, sitting in the dining rooms, and pushing shopping carts or rollators around campus.

Please join Fitness Coordinator Chris Hynson on Tuesday, March 13, from 11 a.m. to 12noon in the Village Square music room for a presentation “Posture and You.” This lecture will address the importance of posture and will describe strategies for correct posture while walking or standing from a seated position, correct use of a rollator, proper walking and lifting techniques, and techniques for stretching that we can use daily to help make improvements in our lives.

Sign up at any of our three fitness centers to attend this workshop. Note: This presentation was previously scheduled but was cancelled due to the GI virus. If you had already signed up for it, you do not need to do so again. I will keep you on the list unless you request to be taken off.

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